Thomas Marzano to brands: focus less on advertising and more on user experience

Thomas Marzano at Guardian Advertising Conf. on Experience

Thomas Marzano is a Global Creative Director at Phillips Design. Here he is at a Guardian conference on the future of advertising, describing what he sees as a critical difference between old-style brand thinking, which centers on outward communication of a brand essence, and new-style branding which centers on the experiences that people have with your products, and the feelings that they have before, during, and after those interactions (he quotes Marty Neumeir, among others).

It love it when creative directors talk about human insights and needs, essential and motivating ideas, and the ‘big ideas’ that drive brands forward all through the lens of a user experience flow. Our creative directors do it every day. The conversations we have between strategy, ux, and creative teammates (not to mention our engagement with the tech teams to pick the right platforms and push technical boundaries) are almost always framed this way.

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