THINK to host workshops at UX Australia and UX Week San Francisco

UX AustraliaWe are excited to announce THINK has been asked to host a workshop at both UX Australia 2013 in Melbourne and UX Week 2013 in San Francisco this coming August.

As design products are increasingly embedded and embodied in our physical world, understanding how to design digital controls for physical devices is rapidly becoming a necessary skill set. These workshops will help to identify ways to bring together designers, marketers and developers in order to accelerate innovation within organizations. Prototyping platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and LEGO Mindstorms will be used to help blend the virtual and visceral, bridging physical and digital design and delivery.

The workshops will be led by Michelle Berryman (Director of Experience Design), Zach Pousman (Director of Strategic Services), and Greg Haygood (Director of Technology).

You can find more information about these workshops here: