THINK helps Orkin shift its foundation

A new digital brand

THINK developed a new brand personality to show digital consumers there’s more to Orkin than meets the eye. Armed with their new tagline, “Pest control down to a science,” we rethought the company’s approach to digital. We focused on the fact that Orkin not only has scientists and entomologists on staff, they also care deeply about delivering the right solution for each client — and surprisingly, they care a lot about bugs.

We identified an untapped target audience for Orkin — the bug lover and outdoor enthusiast — and were captivated by the myriad of users in this space.

By leveraging Orkin’s scientific position and love of bugs, we found a way for Orkin to engage with these targets, and make a lasting positive impression. To bring Orkin’s new brand to life online, we gave the corporate site a refresh, created new properties to get the word out about Orkin’s foundation in science, and promoted each with an integrated paid media and social outreach plan.

Stepping into content marketing

One of the new properties we created, The Ecologist, is an avenue for Orkin to express its love of bugs — and engage with other bug lovers. To support The Ecologist, THINK developed a content marketing

plan that relies on a combination of aggregated and original content — all of which is data-rich and targeted. This marks the company’s entry into content marketing, as does the publishing model we designed to support it.

true digital evolution

Orkin’s latest ventures show the company’s dedication to its new brand position. They take “science” seriously — from the way they control pests to the way they do digital. To help Orkin earn a new name online, THINK prototyped and developed each property to be responsive, and we designed a user experience that’s complete across devices. Even the company’s latest banner campaigns use advanced video technologies.


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