Summer 2014 Conference Calendar

Summer 2014 Conference Calendar

Conference season is upon us and our THINK calendars are filling up fast. We’ll be attending and speaking at a number of upcoming events and we hope you’ll join us.


Solid: ‘Software / Hardware /Everywhere
May 20st – 22nd, San Francisco, CA
Join Tom Lamar, Director of Strategic Innovation and Zach Pousman, Director of Strategic Services in San Francisco for an exploration of the Internet of Things, connected hardware, ambient intelligence and all the juicy goodness at the intersection of hardware and software. Zach will be speaking Wednesday 5/21 at 4:50 about the implications of cadence on the Internet of Things, a topic we are very interested in and passionate about at THINK.


Atlanta Web Design Group
Web Design/Development 101: How to Make it as a Web Professional
June 12th, Atlanta, GA
Hosted by Tech Talent South, Brian Fletcher, Director of UI Engineering will join other prominent Atlanta web professionals as they share the tips, tricks and insider knowledge they’ve gathered in their careers. Tech Talent South’s mission is to develop more tech talent in the South through immersive beginner-focused programs teaching web development and computer programming. If you are interested in getting into web design or development – or know somebody who is – this will be a terrific event with a lot of dialogue and discussion.


UX Australia
August 26th – 29th
Sydney, Australia
Join Michelle Berryman, Director of Experience Design Services in Sydney where she’ll be presenting “Exploring the Cadence of Great Experiences.” This talk will build on ideas that she and Zach Pousman have been exploring, blogging about and discussing over the last 18 months at events like Dig South and Solid. More details on the presentation to follow soon. This will be the 3rd year that we’ve presented or hosted a workshop at UX Australia and we’re very excited to have been selected to speak again this year.

June 11th – 14th, Charleston, SC
We’ll also be attending the Giant Conference in Charleston, SC. With 76 speakers over 4 days and all of them focused on “Creating Rad” experiences, you can bet we’ll be there.

We’re looking forward to meeting new people, seeing (and giving!) interesting presentations, learning new things and participating at these events with a lot of cool people. We look forward to seeing you there as well!