Startups We’re Watching – Transportation

Startups We’re Watching – Transportation

Transportation is huge — so startups are naturally trying to address this market. More than one billion vehicles exist globally, while Americans drive an average of 14,000 miles per year and navigating this market could yield boundless opportunities. If you can change the way we transport people and things, you can potentially change the world. Here are five interesting transportation startups we currently have our eyes on.


Road warrior sales staff are going to find Hustlebox convenient for tracking expenses. It removes the pain associated with manual vehicle expense and mileage tracking. Track and tag trips for expenses. Automatic tracking uses hardware and software to track your movements down to the mile. Hustlebox exports excel spreadsheets with date, time, mileage and event title upon request. The founder, David Black, has worked with Think Interactive in the past, and we could not be more excited for the future of his startup. Hustlebox could drive transportation expense tracking to the top of your accounting department’s favorite things to do.





A peer-to-peer car renting service founded in 2009 by 3 entrepreneurs – initially thought to be an impossible idea due to logistics needs and securing insurance covering damages and theft for both renters and car owners. But now with over 200,000 users and a massive insurance policy in place, Getaround founders have defied the odds of success. Car owners pay no fees to rent out their car, renters have their driving records cross-checked along with social identity through facebook, the credit bureau, and 16 other points of reference. With a beautiful UI, ease of renting and comprehensive user/driver safety, Getaround seems to be at the forefront of peer to peer car renting services. Plus, check this out: the company is currently offering a guarantee that a member will make $1000 in their first three months.




A travel planner, city guide, and scheduler all in your pocket. HopStop strives to simplify the process of experiencing a new city. Or it can be used to explore a well-known home base, a way to explore your home city with the eyes of a visitor. offering users maps that note nearby subway stations; accurate door to door routes for walking; estimated taxi times and costs; and real time alerts. HopStop even estimates  calories burned depending on the route the user choses to take.





If you live — and drive — in a major city, you’ve likely dealt with parking issues at one time or another. Running late for a date is a thing of the past with Parkwhiz. ParkWhiz lets you search street names, cities, and communities for available parking spaces. Parkwhiz has formed partnerships with established private and public garages and also relationships with individuals for street-level driveways or parking spots.Users can purchase and reserve a space within the app and finally scan the barcode to obtain entry into the partner parking garage. A unique approach to a common need among city dwellers and commuters alike.





Citymapper is a transit navigation app that lists routes and transit options such as walking, biking, busing, subway, and trolley. Perfect for large urban cities and already extremely popular in the cities of London and New York, Citymapper takes away the second guessing and helps users navigate through their cities their way. Users can select routes based off of quickness, low traffic, and even “quiet” routes. Whether you’re a commuter, city dweller, or tourist on vacation, Citymapper will help ease your mind and improve your daily navigation. What separates Citymapper from its competitors has to do with the way it sources its data. Underneath the unified surface, data from Google Maps, Apple Maps, OpenStreetMap, and create super accurate directions and multiple route options (Walking, Subway, Bike, Car, Trolley, Bus) suited for the end user.



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  • Zeljko Dakic

    ParkWhiz is especially awesome, I started using them this summer and now they are go to app when I am going downtown. Their support really impressed me when I faced issues in one spot.