Real Meaning: Inspiring Action for Greenies Joint Care

Greenies Wag & Walk 4 Life

Taking the Pledge

Getting to the real meaning behind what you do is powerful. We’re specifically concerned here with what meaning exists for your target customers. Too often we go through the motions of a product launch or promotional campaign and never stop to ask ourselves if there’s deeper purpose. Granted, sometimes it is what it is – a $5-off coupon is basically a $5-off coupon. However, very often there’s more, and almost always that “more” is what can truly energize a customer.

Such was the case with Greenies when we helped them launch their new Joint Care product. While helping pet owners maintain their dog’s mobility is meaningful in and of itself, it remains a bit clinical. So, in order to breakthrough the clutter we dug deeper.

Greenies Wag & Walk

Making it Public

As you read the case study below consider the goal we had – to energize customers and influences about this product and what it meant for them. We are excited to note that this work is also being entered into the Forrester Groundswell Awards. Please jump over there and give us a vote!

You can see the live work here.

Situation: Greenies, a world leader in canine dental chews, was preparing for an expansion of their solutions portfolio into canine joint health. The new product, Greenies Joint Care treats, represented a bold expansion for the brand into a new category that was already crowded with other joint care treats, some from big name competitors.

Greenies Wag & Walk

Making it Personal

Challenge: Energize customers, potential customers, influencers and retail partners in order to build awareness, interest and buzz for the new product.

Insight: We started with the simple realization that this product is about dogs and pet parents being active. Whether its walking in the park, running up the stairs after the kids or catching Frisbees in the back yard…the product is about facilitating activity.

Solution: We created a way for customers and potential customers to pledge to be more active with their dogs and we gave them a way to track and be rewarded for their activity. We accomplished this through a Facebook application. Within the application customers are able to pledge a level of activity they feel comfortable with, track that activity and achieve reward badges that are then shared with their Facebook community.

Greenies Wag & Walk

Rewarding Activity

Results: The product launch was a huge success, sales exceed projections by far. The Wag & Walk 4 Life Facebook application has created significant earned media exposure and evangelization for Greenies and customers continue to engage with it. As of June 2011 over 1,000 consumers had pledged to be active with their pets for a total of 112,934 miles pledged to be walked and over 2,600 reward badges being issued and shared on Facebook. The program has also been a big PR boost with many veterinarians and other influencers noticing and talking about the program. The Greenies Facebook page has also gained thousands of new followers, in fact more than doubling its following since the launch of the program! Perhaps most importantly, the movement is still going strong with new pledges being made and lots of miles being walked!