Orkin Pest Project: Parallax Scrolling

THINK is proud to have launched a new section in Orkin’s Learning Center this week.  The Orkin Pest Project provides a wealth of information on common and not so common insects.  The web section is a departure from the rest of Orkin’s site and makes use of a current presentation technology called parallax scrolling.

For the Orkin Pest Project we wanted a visually rich environment to serve up interesting insect facts and information.  As the user interacts with the site, three chapters of content are easily accessible: Pests in Nature, People and Pests and Finding a Balance.  We feel the parallax scrolling allows us to present powerful imagery that helps tell the story of the importance of insects in or every day life.

Parallax is a difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along different lines of sight. The term derives from the Greek word parallax is, meaning alteration. The parallax effect has been used in media for many years, first appearing in cartoon animations to simulate movement of characters across the field of view.  Parallax was also used in early video games like Defender to achieve the same effect.

A pest is just a bug that's in the wrong place

In web design, the parallax effect allows the same sense of motion, objects “closer” to the viewer appear to move against a background.  The parallax design framework can work in either a horizontal or vertical view. It allows information to be presented on one large page without the need for additional navigation that can often take the focus away from the presentation of the main information. There are many good examples of parallax in brand web design, one of the most recent being Nike’s Air Jordan site which launched in February of this year.

Parallax scrolling adds layers of depth to the presentation

For Orkin, pests are something that need to be kept in there place, but that still have a place, especially as they fulfill many important roles in nature.  The Pest Project provides numerous examples of the importance of insects in the natural world and shows Orkin’s commitment to the larger discussion of how insects contribute to the overall health of our world.

Please visit the Orkin Pest Project and let us know what you think of the parallax scrolling technique!

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