Mary Meeker – State of the Internet

About once a year (or sometimes twice, if we are lucky) Mary Meeker delivers her ‘State of the Internet‘ presentation, chock full of data and information about who is using the internet, how it is being used, and where it will be used next (read as: what devices will the internet inhabit.

Beyond the expected data points (China’s use of the internet is on the rise, Google is the #1 visited website) there are some really interesting tidbits. A few choice anecdotes are:

  • Data/content is created 9x faster than it was 5 years ago (meaning: there is a lot more of it)
  • Photos dominate sharing followed by video — audio and data have huge growth potentials
  • Facebook is the dominant photo sharing platform followed by Snapchat, then Instagram, and in last place, Flickr!
  • Explosion in ‘short-term’ content sharing (Snapchat)

Follow the link here to view the entier presentation over on Slideshare. Dig in to what is being said and take and let us know if you agree with Mary regarding what will dominate the internet in the near future.