Introducing Think Make Learn

Introducing Think Make Learn


Over the years, we have integrated strategic offerings with our core design and build digital services. In 1997, it was hard to sell strategy in part because it was hard to sell websites when so few people understood what they were or why they needed them. Today, businesses and consumers understand websites, mobile phones, credit cards and Amazon but the coming onslaught of the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, cryptocurriences, automation and mass decentralized fabrication leaves plenty of room for wonder and interpretation.

Another big difference between the late 1990s and today is the speed with which everything moves. Immediacy through constant connectivity has reshaped our ideas about work and social spaces creating a world where presence is the next killer app.


Digital experiences unfold over time with a measurable cadence, frequency and intensity.

As THINK worked with clients over the years, we noticed our clients had a need – a mandate, actually – to innovate. Innovation is a hot topic and oft stated goal of everyone from small business to multinational corporations. The problems with innovation generally fall into two broad categories:

  1. The people tasked with innovation are also tasked with day to day revenue creation (making the donuts) or
  2. The people tasked with innovation are isolated from other departments, people and resources and lack corporate level permission to exert influence across departments.

Google has famously addressed both of these problems with the 20% time for personal projects and a corporate commitment to “moonshots” or large-scale, breakthrough innovation efforts. However, most companies are not Google and more often than not they “miss the future,” as Larry Page said at a recent TED talk.


To help our clients, we have constructed a framework that will handle co-creation but also not require a tremendous amount of our client’s time at the senior and executive levels. We have created a process that drives to tangible, shareable artifacts while still maintaining the flexibility to quickly learn and pivot, as appropriate. We can deliver the promise of an answer when neither the client nor our team even know what the question is until mid way through the assignment. We have had to rethink the way we work, the way we organize ourselves and most importantly the way we deliver value to our clients.

To accomplish this we have grown and changed ourselves and we have created a new space to allow that growth to happen. Today, I am proud to announce a new division of THINK called Think.Make.Learn (TML).

TML takes the years of experience we have creating products and services in the digital channel and puts a box around time frames and deliverables in such a way that a client can hire us for a day, a week or a few months and come out on the other side of the engagement with an internal team that has rallied together around a new product or service idea. They have artifacts, prototypes, and visual narratives that can be used to sell the idea up, around or down through the company. And most importantly, they have a blueprint for moving the product through their internal development process in such a way that makes it a viable long term addition to the company’s core capabilities.

Take a minute to review the new TML site and read about THINKfast, our 12 week structured innovation program. You can also review our workshops and see examples of client projects.

We have an experienced team of friendly, smart, passionate people that you will love working with.


If innovation is on your to-do list, we’d love to help you deliver meaningful results within your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can get started.