FlowScore Case Study: Char-Broil Grills

When THINK set out to create a Summer social media campaign for Char-Broil we suggested they use our FlowScore analytics framework. We used FlowScore to set an ecosystem baseline to compare Char-Broil against their top five competitors in the digital channel.  For five months leading up to the campaign, THINK tracked Attraction, Engagement and Appeal for all six companies.

Digital Ecosystem Visualization

We found that using a high level view of clustered data results enabled us to communicate more effectively with our client and her team.  We were able to spot when competitors ran a campaign or contest and gauged the effectiveness of those initiatives against the broad measure of the rest of the competitors’ performance.  By the time we ran our campaign the combined team knew what to look for and what to expect in terms of performance against the competitive set.

The Char-Broil “Grill of your Dreams” campaign was a big success for our client and drove an increase in social participation across their social channels – most notably an increase in Facebook fans by 66% over the course of eight weeks. Using the FlowScore platform we were able to see an uptick in the Appeal metric and compare how Char-Broil was doing versus their competition in the very competitive summer grilling season.

One key component of the FlowScore is our integration of the social listening platform Crimson Hexagon. Using the second generation NLP training available in Crimson Hexagon, we can narrow in on the real conversations our consumers are having around products. Crimson Hexagon also helps us to get much more refined sentiment analysis than has been possible with previous tools, as well as demographic data such as location and gender.  All of these data points feed into the FlowScore and show up in the main category groups of Attraction, Appeal and Benefit. For Char-Broil, the ability to use social listening helps us refine our overall campaign theme as well as track the echo volume of that theme in social channels.

The importance of measuring your performance can’t be understated. Adding a feedback loop into your internal processes can help you to iterate on your success and see greater future results. The FlowScore aims to help clients achieve this flow state by turning digital analytics data into actionable insights based on a comprehensive set of core metrics.
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