Five Startups We’re Following

Five Startups We’re Following

It’s been a busy week, but the startup world has still found time to pique our interest. Here’s what we’ve been talking about:

Huge City


The perennial problem when you live in a big and bustling metro, is what to do. Or at least that’s a problem for a lot of iPhone toting hip cats in Brooklyn, SF, Austin, and Miami. Huge City is the SO-LO-MO (social-local-mobile) incarnation of startups who’ve tried to crowdsource or curate the deluge like Flavorpill, Upcoming, and Hell, even ‘Facebook Events’. We are digging the Facebook integration and the connections between the things you like, your social circle and all the cool stuff that’s happening nearby. There’s a personal touch to this that’s humanizing and friendly.

Abacus – Disrupting the lowly expense report FTW!

Expense reports are a bane both of the employee, the company and the client (when expenses are pass-thru). They’re frustrating, always late to be submitted and incomplete. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. I often have to dig through email and my calendar to reconstruct my weeks and client visits, since by the time I get around to doing them, I’ve forgotten who’s getting billed for my parking at Atlanta’s airport. Abacus, a Y-Combinator backed startup, may be the answer I’ve been seeking. It’s the expenses without the report. Abacus has a beautiful and simple app. And a great revenue model (since they see the expenses go by). You can also try it for 30 days for free. Show ‘em some love. Give it a go.


Atlanta-based Calendly is giving us our much needed moment of Zen when it comes to scheduling meetings with external contacts. Calendly connects in with your Google mail account(s) to provide an easy way to share your availability without actually sharing any of the details of your calendar with others. It even allows you to put in buffer times around meetings and to establish meeting-free times. A few of us have been trying Calendly out and we’re pretty happy with it.

Merlin Mobility

Using a proprietary SaaS platform called Alchemy, Merlin Mobility enables the creation and delivery of product centric augmented reality content on iOS and Android devices. Alchemy is cloud-based and allows users to easily create, edit and maintain augmented reality content. Merlin Mobility is an Atlanta-based startup in residence at the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech. They have been getting a lot of attention in the last year and were even named one of GigaOm’s Six Cool Atlanta Startups in 2013.


mentormelogoEver wished there was an eHarmony for building and managing a professional mentorship program? A tool to match you or your clients with a great set of mentors based on more than just a job title, a geographic location, a skill set or an educational background? Yeah, us too. And now there is. This Memphis-based startup aims to make better, more meaningful and lasting connections between mentors and mentees. They also aim to take the worry out of managing mentorship programs.