Five Startups We’re Following – Technology Edition

Five Startups We’re Following – Technology Edition

Five Startups We’re Following – Technology Edition

We are in the era of Technology. Life altering, game changing technology is being invented seemingly by the second. Sometimes these ideas actually reach fruition. Here are some of our favorites this week.

1. – Live Video from your iPhone

Nothing provides the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect quite like live video. A new application designed by Infinite Takes dubbed gives users the option to channel their real time experiences to the masses live via their mobile device cameras, at no cost. With the “Trending” feature active, 15 minutes of fame has never been so possible. Easily accessed live video opens up a flood gate of entertainment opportunities for regular people and large live entertainment providers, such as music festivals/concerts, business conferences and large sporting events. Available for iPhone from the App store.

2. Gridspace – Turn a coffee shop meeting into actionable notes instantly.

Meetings encompass a bridging of minds and ideas which lead to progress and innovation. They are a necessary process for any business to thrive, learn and grow. But the takeaway is what really matters, and one company has figured out how to capture and bottle the “juice” for any-time consumption. Gridspace Memo M1 is a device for real time conversation analysis.Place this cutting edge hardware or open the M1 application on your mobile device while in your conference room or meeting place, and as you meet, the M1 indexes voice audio and creates a highlight recap for quick and easy review. The final product can be shared with meeting attendees, peers and employees, essentially providing a library of takeaway information at your fingertips.

3. High Fidelity – Physical Connection in a Virtual World

True virtual reality is the future, and the details are finally coming together. High Fidelity is the successor to the hugely popular “Second Life” online community. With the added dimension of physical connection, there exists one less layer separating what is real and what is virtual. High Fidelity links your physical actions to your digital avatar. The simple action of smiling, a necessary form of human communication, can now be digitally transcribed onto your online avatar. 4-Dimensional interaction is only a stone throw away, and we think this is a sign of what’s to come. Can you imagine the possibilities?

4. Nod – One ring to rule them all.

The next revolution of computing input processes is just above the horizon. Nod, a sleek black and stainless steel ring, lets you control your smart devices with so called micro-gestures of the hand. Turn up your home temperature on a cold winter day by simply gripping an imagined “Nest” thermostat while turning the dial towards the right. Change slides during a business presentation by sliding your thumb across the base of the ring. Select a movie on “Netflix” by simple “point” of your finger. With an open-source framework available, developers can experiment and find new uses and possibilities that can forever change the user experience. You can pre-order one today at $149, with shipping anticipated to start in the fall. One of these sounds incredible, imagine what you could eventually do with ten?


5. Oscar – Who said “Healthcare” couldn’t be trendy.

Launched in October of 2013, Oscar is a new vein of healthcare insurance that combines today’s technologies such as a Google-Map powered licensed Doctor finder and search tools that let you input symptoms in plain english. The service also offers free generic prescription pills and no cost phone calls to Doctors available 24 hours a day. With already over 16,000 customers all located within New York State, this startup has a massive potential for growth. Could this be the “hip” new and youthful health insurance offering that Generation Y and Millennials seek to consume? Oscar is up against some giant healthcare entities, but with a company valuation at $800 million at only 6 months of operation, the future looks bright.