Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse

Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse poses a lot of questions about identity and ownership in the digital age. Questions such as: Who actually owns a player’s likeness — the player, the NBA, or is ownership irrelevant because it fair use? What happens when fan art ends up in a short film festival?

As it turns out Chris Bosh himself was the Executive Producer of this short, a fact that was revealed only after a questionable cease and desist letter was allegedly sent by the Bosh’s lawyers to the film festival. If you do a little Googling you will see the resulting buzz and conversations that surrounded this piece of video.

As far as viral campaigns go (if it indeed was a campaign, we still don’t really know), this one completely wins by putting Christoper Bosh and the Miami Heat into the minds and hearts of fans of both kooky animation and basketball alike.